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Interior Services for the Transportation Industry Advanced Aviation offers a comprehensive range of non-toxic water based products manufactured by HSH Interplan. HSH Interplan has manufacturing facilities in the USA and Belgium. Designed originally to meet the demanding specifications of the commercial airline industry. Rigorously tested and proven in use around the world, our products are environmentally safe and user/passenger friendly.
Interior Services for the Transportation IndustryThe HSH product range has an unequalled performance level. The extremely low VOC formulas allow confined area application without any abuse of environmental requirements.

Interplan products are designed to adhere to all cabin materials including decorative films with minimal surface preparation. No longer is it necessary to go through the time consuming and expensive process of replacing decorative laminates. With the Interplan system you simply repair and refinish. The product is easy to clean, has excellent abrasion and chip resistance.

Airbus and Boeing approved Interplan products are non-flammable and non-toxic. Safe and easy to apply and have none of the hazards usually associated with high performance coatings. The product meets and surpasses the demanding specifications required by government agencies for paint used for marine and commercial airline use.

The paint meets heat, smoke, gas toxicity and flammability requirements of FAR25.853 as demanded by the United States Federal Aviation Authority and JAR 25.853, CAA AN61 and CAA Specification 8 (2.2) as demanded by the European and British Aviation Authorities and the Marine Safety Agency of the United Kingdom.

Topcoats, primers, cleaners, fillers and additives are all part of the HSH Interplan family of products.

FAA flammability certificates and FAR25.853 vertical burn test information can be provided upon request.

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