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Interior Services for the Transportation Industry Advanced Aviation is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada company. We have provided professional services and products to the transportation industry since 1998. Our business is primarily with the commercial airline industry where tolerances and specifications are exact and appearances are of prime importance. Advanced Aviation Inc. has earned the reputation as a technically competent and price competitive company in the Canadian airline industry.


Interior Services for the Transportation Industry We offer expertise in repair and refurbishment of plastics and composites. We specialize in full air cabin repainting for a one time fixed fee. Certified coatings included. Our crew in your facility for professional finish. We repair and refurbish airline in-flight equipment, light sheet metal manufacturing and supply decals, placards and paint masking requirements. If your aircraft requires a complete interior refurbishment we have the experience and know-how to get your planes back in the air on-time and on-budget.


Interior Services for the Transportation Industry Advanced Aviation uses and supplies products manufactured by HSH Interplan. We are the Canadian agent for the sale and distribution of Interplan products. These products have been used in the transportation industry for sixteen years and are currently in use in over fifty countries. Meeting the stringent requirements set forth in FAR25.853 as demanded by the United States Federal Aviation Authority and JAR 25.853, CAA AN61 and CAA Specification 8 (2.2) as demanded by the European and British Aviation Authorities and the Marine Safety Agency of the United Kingdom.
Interior Services for the Transportation Industry Our customers receive sixty years of experience in the repair and refurbishment of transportation equipment in North America, Great Britain and Continental Europe. Our success is due to a fully trained competent and dedicated staff. Each project is professionally and conscientiously completed with labor and product warranties.
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